Products manufactured by PJSC "Himdivizion"

Private Joint Stock Company "Himdivizion" is a manufacturer of high-quality chemical products which are popular in Ukraine and abroad.

Our products:

Granulated calcium nitrate Ca(No3)2 mark G

TC U6-13441912.004-U6-99. Calcium nitrate is widely used like a fertilizer in greenhouse, agriculture and also used in building as additive to concrete that increase its strength and provide frost-resistance. In the chemical industry calcium nitrate is used for reagents producing, and like a component for fiberglass and explosive production.

Calcium nitrate solution

TC: TC U6-13441912.033-99, with mass share of calcium nitrate Ca(No3)2 not less than 40%. , Is used as plasticizer and antifreeze additive to concretes. In the chemical industry calcium nitrate is used for producing of reagents for wells killing and plugging, for preparing brines in industrial refrigeration engineering, as a component in explosive production.

Non-concentrated nitric acid, the second sort, not less than 52%

TC: TUU 24.1-33968601-001:2008. Is used in producing of nitric and combined fertilizers as a component of solution for hydroponics. Non-concentrated calcium nitrate is also used in producing of explosives, organic colorant, cellulose nitrate, for receiving aromatic nitro compounds and pharmacological products, for pickling and dilution of metals in metallurgy.

Granulated anti glaze reagent (AHC)

TC U6-13441912.001-1997. Non-corrosive anti glaze reagent is used by airdromes, road operating services in the roads, landing pavement for preventing ice and de-icing in winter.

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