Non-concentrated nitric acid

Non-concentrated nitric acidTC: TUU 24.1-33968601-001:2008
Chemical formula: HNO3

Main characteristics:
Technical nitric acid, yellow solution with pungent stifling smell, noncombustible, oxidant.

Field of usage:
Our nitric acid is used:
- making nourish solutions for reaching required hydrogen index (pH);
- for washing drip irrigation systems;
- in producing of nitric and combined fertilizers;
- as a component of solution for hydroponics;
- in producing explosives, organic colorant, cellulose nitrate;
- for receiving aromatic nitro compounds and pharmacological products;
- for pickling and dilution of metals in metallurgy.

Physicochemical characteristics:

1. Colorless yellow liquid without mechanic dirty.
2. Chemical characteristics:

Indices name Norm for grade
The highest First Second
Mass share of nitric acid, % not less than 57,0 56,0 46,0
Mass share of nitric oxide (N2O4), % not more than 0,07 0,1 0,2
Mass share of residue after baking, % not more than 0,004 0,02 0,05

Non-concentrated nitric acid is transported in railway wagons in 50-litres polyethylene containers F1-50X

Is kept in stainless steel containers or glass bottles in sheltered stores for 6 months from the day of production.

In the unit

Nitric acid of our production has:

  • Safety certificate of non-concentrated nitric acid.
  • Conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological service of non-concentrated nitric acid.
  • Hazard data card (the Ministry of Health of Ukraine).

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