The most important thing is a quality product

Vladimir ChernyshenkoVladimir Chernyshenko : "The most important thing - a quality product"
PJSC "Kombinat Teplichnyi " is the biggest greenhouse farm in Ukraine, which is situated on area 48.5 hectares. However, this company holds the first position not only because of its size but also because of quality vegetables. Therefore, products labeled "Kalynivka" are always in demand.

We asked Vladimir Chernyshenko, the head of PJSC "Kombinat Teplichnyi", honorary president of Green house association of Ukraine about the work of the largest greenhouse.

- Vladimir Ilyich, last year you had impressive yield at the farm: 51.2 kg of tomatoes and 37.7 kg of cucumbers per square meter. How have you reached such result?
First of all we must work for people and have sensible approach to the management. PJSC "Kombinat Teplichnyi" is one of the first farms which began to use new technologies and still improves its production. Hydroponic system, new methods of cultivation, computerization and greenhouses reconstruction have improved our capacity.

- So Kyivans can be calm, because "Kombinat Teplichnyi" will provide them with vegetables from greenhouses?- Greenhouses from all over Ukraine, especially from the south regions supplie the vegetables to Kyiv, because of the capital 's highest purchasing power. In addition, there are many vegetables are imported from Turkey, Poland and Spain. "Kombinat Teplichnyi" has its own place on the market.

- Experts say, that fruit and vegetable market will growth and production will increase. Do producers feel these trends?
- Of course. I can confidently say that the vegetable production in greenhouses only for the Kyiv region really can be increased in 2-3 times. So, we need it. During the Soviet Union greenhouses occupied almost 1 ha, in Ukraine now is just 450-500 acres. At the same time the people`s demands are still the same or even more. So, greenhouse industry must be significantly increased and has another level.

- Vladimir Ilyich, this year the price cost of greenhouse vegetables has increased significantly. What are the most expensive components of production?
- In 2009, the profit was 2.7%, last year was 8%. This year the price for energy has got more expensive in 25%, gas in 1.5 times, some fertilizer in 2-3 times. It is too expensive for many greenhouses. In addition, no benefits are provided for greenhouse farms. 

- But all the same you use expensive technologies, for example, biological methods in crop protection when you can use cheaper methods.
- For us, the most important thing is a quality. Therefore, every year we start the production from the beginning. We implement technological, preventative, biological struggle for the plant protection. If the biological method does not work, then we use chemicals that decompose per day, no cheap toxic chemicals that are usually used in gardens.
Sanitary -epidemiological service controls the production of vegetables. By the way, cucumbers are not treated with anything. The radioactivity indexes of our vegetables are less than normal. So, I can say with confidence that our products are environmentally friendly.

- How do you nourish your plants? Do you prefer foreign or domestic fertilizers?
We use both foreign and domestic fertilizers, it`s not principal thing. The most important thing is the quality. The main characteristic of the fertilizer is its 100% water solubility. Before using the fertilizer, we check its characteristics.
For example, we cooperate with SE “Ecoantiled” witch supplies us with calcium nitrate. We tested their products at first and were satisfied with its quality and price. We admitted also, that calcium nitrate produced by “Ecoantiled” has in 6% more calcium than analogs. This characteristic is very important for greenhouses farming. To have quality product we must use quality components.

Ludmila Ogorodnik

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Interview of Vladimir Chernyshenko, the head of PJSC "Kombinat Teplichnyi", honorary president of Green house association of Ukraine for magazine “AGRICULTURAL AFFAIR” about the experience of cooperation with SE “Ecoantiled” and sing their calcium nitrate.