Granulated calcium nitrate

Granulated calcium nitrateDescription:
Granulated calcium nitrate Ca(No3)2 TC U6-13441912.004-99‘ waterless fertilizer, dissolves in water. Nitrogen content in the nitrate form is 17,5% and 24% of water soluble calcium, the water content in the granules is not more than 2%. White and fair gray granules by1-4mm. It is produced by neutralization of limestone with nitric acid. Granulated calcium nitrate is packed into polypropylene 100kg, 5kg and 25kg bags with polyethylene inlays and can be packed in art-decorated 1kg bags.

Calcium nitrate is widely used like a fertilizer in greenhouse, agriculture and also used in building as additive to concrete that increase its strength and provide frost-resistance. In the chemical industry calcium nitrate is used for reagents producing, for producing mortars for wells killing and plugging, calcium nitrate is a component for fiberglass and explosive production.

Calcium nitrate under normal conditions is incombustible, flame-proof and explosive-proof, stable under the range temperature -60ºC to +155ºC.

Calcium nitrate is characterized by extreme concentration of the base material Ca(No3)2 - 98%, and minor water content only 1-2% against 15% and 30% from other producers. The content of Ca in our fertilizer is 24% that exceed our foreign analogues on 5%, their calcium nitrate contains only 19% of Ca. So, each tonne of our calcium nitrate contains 50kg of calcium more than analogs. It is the only one fertilizer of nitrogen group that can improve soil structure and is the only source of calcium available to plants. Calcium nitrate also improves the penetration of water and oxygen into the soil.

Calcium nitrate does not cause corrosion of steel in concretes. It compares favorably with calcium chloride. It allows you to use calcium nitrate as antifreeze concrete additive for fast reaching of "extra strength" until frost.

The largest greenhouse and agriculture of Ukraine, the producers of concrete, reagents for plugging wells and explosives.

Physicochemical characteristics:

Indices name Norms
Mark G
1. Appearance Granules of white, light-gray, grey, light-beige, beige color
2. Mass share of calcium nitrate Са(NO3)2,% 90,0-99,0
3. Mass share of  total nitric  in the dry basis, %
not less
4. Mass share of carbamide, СО(NH2)2, %,not more than 1,5
5. Mass share of water, % not more
by Fisher's method
by drying method

6. Mass share of ammonium nitrate NH4NO3, % 0-8,0
7. Mass share of calcium oxide СаО, % 33,0
8. Mass share of calcium Са, % 23,5
9. Mass share of insoluble dirties, % 0,2
10.   Grain-size classification:  
Mass share of granules 1-4 mm, %, not less than 93
Mass share of granules <1 mm, % not more than 7
11. Mealiness, % 100

By any kind of transport according to shipping rules.

In dry ventilated place.

Shell life:
Unlimited. After the warranty period of storage, granulated calcium nitrate, should be tested for compliance with the technical requirements and after establishing conformity, may be used for according to purposes.

Guaranteed storage life:
In compliance with the storage conditions- 1 year from the production date.


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Comments about the experience of using calcium nitrate produced PJSC "Himdivizion":

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State registration certificate of calcium nitrate as a fertilizer

Research report "Assessment of the reliability of the elements of drip system irrigation with fertigation of calcium nitrate produced by SE "Ecoantiled "(Dnepropetrovsk State Agrarian University).
The state sanitary - epidemiological expertise, hazard data card (the Ministry of Health of Ukraine).

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