Calcium nitrate solution

Calcium nitrate solutionGOST, TC: TC U6-13441912.033-99
Chemical formula: Ca(No3)2 water solution
Calcium nitrate (water solution) is colorless yellow or fair grey solution with mass share of calcium not less than 40 %. Doesn´t have toxic effect.

Calcium nitrate (water solution) under normal conditions is incombustible, flame-proof and explosive-proof.

Calcium nitrate (water solution) like a raw material can be used for producing of reagents for wells killing and plugging, for preparing brines in industrial refrigeration engineering, like a component in explosive production, as an additive to concrete mixtures and building mortars, as plasticizer and antifreeze for industrial constructions.

Physicochemical characteristics:

No Indices name Norm
1 Appearance colorless yellow or fair grey solution 
2 Mass share of calcium nitrate Ca(No3)2, %, not less than 40,0
3 Mass share of ammonium nitrate  NH4NO3, % ----
4 Hydrogen ion’s activity of calcium nitrate solution, pH 5-8


By any kind of transport according to the shipping rules.

1 year from the day of acceptance testing.


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Calcium nitrate from the producer
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Calcium nitrate solution of our production ihas the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise, hazard data card (the Ministry of Health of Ukraine)

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