Calcium nitrate from domestic producer

Calcium nitrate from domestic producer

The real discovering of the exhibition "Greenhouse - 2011" became a state enterprise "Ekoantiled" and exactly its products. For two years, the company is the only one domestic producer of calcium nitrate in Ukraine, which is needed for every greenhouse.

SE “Ecoantiled” is known in industry for more then two decades. From the 80th of last century it produces anti glaze reagent for Ukrainian aerodromes and provides building industry with calcium nitrate. It is not by chance that chiefs of “Ecoantiled” company decided to come into an agricultural market. Sergey Ostrovskiy, the chief of sales department says that agriculture complex of Ukraine has a great potential for increasing production and will need bigger volume of fertilizers.

- Two years ago we decided that calcium nitrate which can be delivered not only to building industry but also to agricultural market like a fertilizer,-says Sergey Ostrovskiy.
- So, very quickly and successfully we began to cooperate with the greatest Ukrainian greenhouses which use this fertilizer.

Calcium nitrate is used for vegetable, technical, cereal crops and also for vegetables and flowers. It is very simple to show the advantage and necessity of this fertilizer if to understand how calcium is useful for human organism. The same effect calcium has for plants, it strength the cell membrane, root system and stem.

Everybody knows that it is enough the calcium in the soil but it has the form which hard to get by plant from the soil. So our calcium nitrate nourishes the plants with this microelement with maximum benefits. It also stimulates the growth of plants and help to avoid a lot of diseases.

"Greenhouse - 2011"Not so long time ago, domestic greenhouses bought the foreign calcium nitrate. Now SE “Ecoantiled” tries to challenge the stereotypes that Ukrainian product is worse than the foreigner similar products. And our cooperation with the biggest Ukrainian greenhouse farms (like “Umanskij teplichnyj kombinat”, PJSC “Krimteplicya”, Zmievskya ovoshhnaya fabrika (Kharkov region) and "Teplichnyi Kombinat" (Kiev region)) is the best confirmation.

What is the difference between our calcium nitrate and foreign calcium nitrate, - it`s very interesting question not only for us but also for many agrarians. Maxim Marchenko, leading specialist of sales department says that calcium nitrate of SE “Ecoantiled” differs from foreign analogs by minimum mass share of water – only 2%, so it is waterless. As a rule, mass share of water in foreign analogs is 15-30%.

The buyer of our product does`t pay money for water, - Maxim Marchenko assures. – We produce concentrated calcium nitrate. Furthermore, our calcium nitrate is better than foreign product by its chemical characteristics.

Our product has very attractive price and it is one more pleasant moment for agricultural producers. Our price is 30% lower then other products on fertilizer market. We haven`t advanced the price from the last year. Our motto is “Quality calcium nitrate for the best price from domestic producer”

1. "Agrofirm Katerinovskaya 1" PC , Dnipropetrovsk region.
2 . "Alliance" LLC, Dnipropetrovsk region.
3 . "Alliance" PJSC, Kharkiv region.
4 . "Victoria" LLC, Dnepropetrovsk.
5 . “DTK " LLC, Dnepropetrovsk.
6. "Dolinskiy Teplichno-ovocheviy Komnate" POSP, Ivano - Frankivsk region.
7. "ZOF" TM PJSC, Kharkiv region.
8. "Teplichnyi Kombinat" PJSC, Kiev region.
9. Kuznetsovsky CAE "Teplichnyi Kombinat", Rivne region.
10. "Nadia" PASO, Kirovograd region.
11. "Perspectiva" LLC, Donetsk region.
12. "Teplica" DP OJSC "RKTK", Luhansk region.
13. "Teplichnyi Kombinat" CAC, Zaporozhye.
14. "Teplichnyi Kombinat” PJSC, Sumy region.
15. "Teplichnyi Kombinat” PJSC, Kharkov region.
16. "Umanskij teplichnyj kombinat" CHASP, Cherkasy region.

Lyudmila LEBІD