Anti glaze reagent (ANC)

Anti glaze reagentAnticorrosion anti glaze substance (ANC)

Granulated anti glaze reagent, TC U6-13441912.001-1997, is a complex compound of calcium nitrate and carbamide with the addition of superficially active substance. Packed in polypropylene 50kg bags and in the art-decorated 650gr bags with polyethylene inlay.

Is used to prevent surface icing on the all types of airdrome and road pavements.

Average reagent consumption:
1 ton of ANC is enough for handling of 8500m² of surface with ice thickness 1mm with the temperature -4°C.

Anti glaze reagent (ANC) under the normal conditions is noncombustible, flame-proof and explosive-proof, stable under the range temperature -60°C to +155°C.

Steadily cleans all the types of road pavements at low temperatures to - 15°C. Doesn`t have corrosive effect on steel, plastic, rubber because of absence of salts. Touching the glaze film ANC granule, during dissolving “stitching” the ice and detach it from the pavement. Anti glaze reagent (ANC) has unique properties, in contact with the soil it becomes the fertilizer for plants. The mixture of chlorides (sand-salt mixture) is the most popular for pavement de-icing. The disadvantage of such mixtures is the aggressive action of chlorides on the cement-concrete and asphalt pavements. Chlorides also cause the reinforcement corrosion by destroying the inactive layers of iron oxide that provoke further corrosion. The main disadvantage of such mixtures is short-term effect and it is the source of corrosion. Thus, using ANC reagent, you are protected from such problems.

The production of our enterprise is used in Ukraine, the Baltic States, Central Asia, Europe airports, operating services of marine and railway ports.

Physicochemical characteristics:

No Indices name, measures Norm
1 Appearance White, yellow or gray granules
2 Mass share of calcium nitrate Ca(No3)2, % 37.5-40.6
3 Mass share ratio of carbamide and calcium nitrate 1.38-1.58
4 Moisture mass share, % no more than 0.80
5 Mass share of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), % no more than 0.5
6 Mass share of insoluble dirt in water, %, no more than
  Mass share of calcium carbonate CaCO3, %, no more than 0.45
7  Mass share of  surface-active neonol agent,% 1.5-3.0
18 Grain-size classification
Mass share of granules Mass share of granules 1-4 mm, %, not less
Mass share of granules diameter more than 4.0mm ,% no more than

9 Mealiness, % 100

In any kind of transport according to the shipping rules.

In dry ventilated place.

Anti glaze reagent cleans all the types of road pavements rapidly not damaging them. Anti glaze reagent prevent glaze for 2-3 days.

Touching the glaze film, ANC granule, during dissolving is “stitching” the ice detaching it from the pavement under the range temperature 0ºC to -12º C.

In 15-20 minutes the ice skin turns into snow mash, which can be easily removed with spade, broom or brush.

In comparison with salt reagents does not have a corrosive effect on materials and alloys, as well as on the steel and aluminum car body.

Environmentally friendly, non-toxic. Flame-proof and explosive-proof. Affects on plants as a fertilizer containing calcium nitrate (up to 40%) and urine (up to60%).

In the unit

“Experience of usage domestic ANC"

Anti glaze reagent of our production has: the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise, safety certificate.

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