Ammonium sulfate - nitrate (ASN)

Ammonium sulfate - nitrate (ASN)

Ammonium sulfate - nitrate (ASN)

New fertilizer has a unique feature - it is able to activate the phosphorus, which  accumulated in the soil for many years, as a result of returned use of phosphate fertilizers. Some of the nutrients can be absorbed and accumulated in the soil. ASN converts them into a soluble form which can easily be absorbed by plants. This is a very important feature in the context of high prices for phosphate fertilizers.
Sulfur component increases the content of gluten in grain; this characteristic makes the grain crop agriculture more efficient and improves the quality of the grain. The optimal combination of nutrients in a single granule provides a complete food for plants and eliminates the mixing.

 Technical characteristics 






Mass share of  total nitrogen ,% not less


Mass share of  nitrate nitrogen ,% not less


Mass share of  ammonia nitrogen ,% not less


Mass share of  sulfur in   conversion to SO3, % not less


Granulometric composition,:

Mass share of granules 1-4 mm, %, not less than


Mass share of granules


Friability, %




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